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One-hour workshops to multi-day residencies are customized to fit clients' needs.  The courses listed can be taught as stand-alone classes or in any combination.  Thousands of singers, voice teachers, coaches, pianists, and directors have benefited from Ann's exceptional teaching which is both positive and affirming. 

Master Classes, Residencies, Coachings, Performance Projects

Ann introduces voice faculty and pedagogy students to different learning styles and how those affect their own teaching styles. The language a teacher uses in the studio can have a life-long impact on the student, positively and negatively. She gives examples of different types of students, their needs, and specific ways teachers can approach each student to succeed as an individual artist.


This interactive workshop teaches performers to utilize their whole instrument - voice, body, mind and imagination - to freely express text and music. Using gentle guidance, performers recognize and learn to release physical or mental blocks that may stand in the way of committed, impassioned and courageous performances.  Features group introductory exercises followed by individual work in master class setting.


Musical improvisation is rarely included in performance training, but when musicians are liberated from the boundaries of "Right and Wrong" and encouraged to explore their own creativity, they can produce results, both vocal and musical, that are nothing short of astonishing. Improvisation workshops are designed to increase listening sensitivity, harmonic awareness, vocal expression, and emotional connection to music.


This workshop begins with an introduction to what performers can do to showcase their unique capabilities. In a no-risk environment, individuals perform their repertoire in a simulated audition, receive immediate constructive feedback, followed by a callback audition to incorporate the feedback suggestions. 


These unique projects are developed in collaboration with faculty or company artistic staff, and are focused on bringing contemporary issues to life through re-imagining and re-contextualizing familiar repertoire into a new storyline.  These projects are tailored specifically to each situation and strengths of the performers.


Every successful businessperson knows that having a well defined Product and a strong Business Plan are crucial to their success.  Most singers have neither.  In a class or one-on-one session, singers learn to define their product, focus their career goals, and create a multi-year plan to accomplish those goals. 


Ann's passion for unleashing hidden talents is responsible for her Whole Person approach to each singer. Working within a musical-dramatic session each singer's strengths are the starting point and the coaching builds from there. The goal is to give singers the tools to give authentic performances.